Community De-sexing

Female dog desexing deal on now!

The Trusts priorities with de-sexing (when we have funds available)  is to assist with female dogs that have already had one litter of pups and those that are vulnerable in the community.pup in pound

Intact female dogs contribute to the number of pups that end up being put to sleep in the pound every year –  the ones that get given away to friends and relatives  often remain intact to continue the breeding of unwanted dogs.

Potentially a dog can have 2 litters per year and up to 5-8 pups per litter (can be more as depends on the type of dog) which will stretch an owners abilities to care for the increased number of animals if already struggling.

Assistance with de-sexing is on a case by case basis – if you or someone you know needs help please contact the Trust on 022 011 5063 or