Animal Outreach

The Waikato Animal Outreach Trust is an incorporated  Trust set up in February 2016.

The Trust aims to assist families and their pets in low socio economic areas and at risk animals due to financial hardship or distress being experienced by the animals owner – this is a hand up not a hand puppy

The Trust can help in several ways – provide very discounted  de-sexing via the vets that support the Trust, assist with food from the Trusts food bank, worming and flea treatment and education on basic care and owners obligations to ensure their animals needs are met and will continue to be met.

The Trust will also provide safe haven for any sick, injured and at risk juvenile animal that is relinquished to the Trust as a result of the Outreach service.

Donations are always gratefully accepted at our Op shop and any financial  donations $5 and over we can send you a receipts for tax purposes (please email us with your details)

Waikato Animal Outreach Trust:  ANZ 06 0225 0190554 00 

Website under construction


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